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Our Mission

To simplify supplementation and redefine ‘health’.

We don’t want to be just ‘another wellness company’. We know there’s more to life than shotting Apple Cider Vinegar and lathering ourselves in Coconut Oil every morning. But we also can’t deny the benefits of natural supplementation, so we came up with a way to have our cake, and eat it too (this is metaphorical and literal. Eat cake, it’s good for your soul).

So, we popped the good stuff of our fave natural ingredients into easy to take capsules, so you can get all the great benefits in a matter of minutes (no gag reflexes, or turmeric lattes required).

The ingredients we use have loads of proven benefits that make you feel like a freakin’ goddess on the daily. And it’s as easy as poppn’ a cap, or two.

Wanna know exactly what’s in our capsules?

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Meet our founders

Meet the peeps behind Tonik. We're obsessed with all things natural.

We make supplements that we take daily. We make supplements for our families, friends & colleagues. Our commitment is to deliver the cleanest and highest quality ingredients in a super convenient dosage form.

Pip Summerville | Founder

Born and raised in New Zealand, Pip led a double life as an aspiring competitive rower and her dad’s personal pharmacy student. Caught between the two worlds, Pip struggled to balance the pressure of being a professional athlete and what it really meant to be ‘healthy’, and over time developed unhealthy eating habits.

Pip recognised there was a gap in her knowledge, and it was only when she started experimenting with natural supplements that things started to make sense. When her dad, Glenn, introduced her to Apple Cider Vinegar, she immediately felt a difference and her whole world changed. She was hooked on the good stuff.

If there was a Pip, there was an Apple Cider Vinegar bottle nearby.

It was only when she one day discovered a huge ACV leakage in her suitcase that she started to doubt her beloved ACV.

“There has to be a better way!” She thought. She called her dad asking for answers. “Where can I get this stuff in capsules?” The answer? No where.

So, with their combined powers, Pip and her dad created the first organic, natural, Apple Cider Vinegar capsule. And the rest was history.

Glenn Summerville | Pharmacist & Co Founder

Glenn has recently stepped back from the front line of Community Pharmacy over the past 40 years after a long and successful career. While he was looking forward to many a relaxing Gin and Tonic at his fantastic beach house, Glenn has picked up the challenge and is swapping his tonic for Tonik – for the most part!

Glenn Registered as a Pharmacist in New Zealand after graduating in 1977 following the mandatory four years of study. He has worked as Pharmacist in New Zealand, Fiji, United Kingdom and Australia for over 40 years and for 35 of those years has owned and operated Community Pharmacies.

A Natural approach to health outcomes alongside more traditional Pharmaceuticals and medications has always been a passion and Glenn has studied various disciplines along the way including Classical Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition. He has a philosophy that a complementary approach can often lead to better results, preferring a pro-active ethos, rather than a re-active one. There are times when traditional medication may be very necessary to treat or control a health condition, but more often, a natural approach can lessen potential side effects, or in some cases lead to a gradual reduction in the need for prescription medication.

Also referred to as "Poppa Nut" Glenn has his work cut out for him at Tonik HQ developing new formulas while ensuring the natural benefits of each ingredient is retained in its most organic and pure form.